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Permaculture, a way to change the world

146a637Regenerative Leadership Institute is a worldwide school that promotes permaculture and teaches people how to work with nature and have their own permaculture garden plans. It was founded by Vladislav Davidzon. Check his LinkedIn profile.

As I might have guessed this institute teaches people, and it does that through courses on different aspects of permaculture.

b2a5f141f6c484929a31e71e8f52928aNow for you who don’t know what is permaculture. Coexistence with nature and sustainable living is permaculture in short. Permaculture is a science, that researches patterns of nature in order to do few things, to help nature solve issues (we created with our bad influence ), to use nature and live while using energy gained from that nature without doing damage to it. 

Now there are many courses you could go at, and they can last from few days to few weeks. And they will teach you many things. Among many I would like to point some that you may be interested in if you are interested in healing or creating your own permaculture habitat.

  • Permaculture principles which will teach you permaculture design principles that every man should respect and follow. Some of these principles include: value diversity in your permaculture system, observe nature before doing anything, then interact when you realize what you should and should not do, leave no waste by using all by-products in other nature friendly and useful activities and so on.
  • Site analysis which will show you how to properly analyze ground before you start a permaculture system. Failing to do this will result in failure of that system. It will teach you among other things how to recognize factors that would be good and that would be bad for a certain system you are about to create.
  • Pattern observation from which you will learn how to recognize patterns in wild nature, which you can copy into your permaculture system. Every system has its own patterns knowing which would suit you permaculture system of choice will help that system in terms of success rate and minimization of possible system failure due to species that don’t work well in that particular pattern.
  • Natural building which will show you how to build with nature instead constructing over the back of a nature and destroying it in that process.
  • Renewable energy will teach you how to produce different forms of energy that is renewable with a basic knowledge of permaculture systems. This includes producing electricity with solar panels, producing heat as a by-product of compost rotting and so on
  • Rainwater harvesting is an activity of gathering rain to use it for other things. This course will teach you ways of rainwater gathering and storage of the same so you could use it for other things, your garden, you permaculture system, compost making and so on.
  • Solar designs which will show you different solar designs you could make or buy that will produce you a free of charge energy.
  • Waste recycling with which you will learn a few ways you can recycle garbage and still profit from it, either economically or by raw materials for other projects.

As I pointed out above these things are only a small fraction of all things you would be able to learn on one of these courses.