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Grow without digging

The worst part about gardening and growing outdoor plants is digging. The main reason why we till a soil is to provide the soil less compactness that enables plants better root system at the first place. Still, after some time, soil after it was tilled becomes compact again. What is the reason ? Because of rain, people or animals that walk on soil ? Looks like Regenerative Leadership Institute holds an answer.

Landscape_roots_cross_sec_iStock_000014708681XSmallWhen we speak about the soil as separate medium where creatures live, we constantly forget that the soil is actually a very complex ecosystem with very diverse life. In just one tablespoon soil we have somewhere around 50 billion microbes, while overall number of human population reaches only 7 billion. These organisms can be from Bacteria, Fungi or even Algae family. Now, bacteria establish significant relationship with plant roots while fungi create relationship with tree roots, so in that way roots can access important nutrients. Not only they provide mentioned nutrients, but also improve a soil structure for easier water and air movement, while controlling diseases at the same time. 

When we turn over soil, it exposes its delicate system to the air and sun, and ultraviolet rays of sun sterilize the soul and make the soil dry, which results in killing organisms. Besides losing crucial nutrients, such as carbon or nitrogen, it also loses organic matter which leads to poor water retaining. In this way, we destroyed a delicacy of the soil, formed again a compact soil and increased soil erosion. Simply, we damaged a whole world. 

Tillage is the practice that a lot of people use around the world. They have found out that when they dig the soil, fertility goes up and plants have much better conditions for grow. The reason for better growth is actually a presence of those microorganisms that were brought to the top. They have been killed and by digging and they have released their nutrients to the soil, which stimulates the growth. But the biggest problem is that this works only once. After this, your plants become more prone to various diseases and plus, they require more fertilizer than before. To correct that, we put different chemical fertilizers that kill soil life afterwards, which is not at all an example of organic grow and what also crosses with the theory of Vladislav Davidzon. Therefore, we can conclude that digging is not a solution for better plant growth – it is actually a bad practice that brings good only in the beginning, while later on we have a lack of natural nutrients and lack of natural soil ecosystem structure. 

In order to live within the rhythm of nature, we have to think about all the ecosystems and how they contribute to our nature. Human presence is somehow centralized in urban areas, which decreases the level of eco-awareness and leads to use of chemical add for developing of a bio diversity. This is why Regenerative Leadership Institute or regenerative cell institute takes first place in permaculture, teaching us to understand the ecosystem and its structure.